During this one hour session,  we explore a theme, a problem, a concern through the Tarot cards its symbolism.

The goal of Tarot Therapy is to create a space and a therapist - client discussion, to bring clarity to a hazy, confuse and/or chaotic situation. It offers a perception on the possible blocking points and limitations, and the ressources to explore in order to overcome the situation.

Cost per session
40 euros 
700 pesos Mxn


These sessions are individual.
The aim is to deeply reconnect with our own natural breathing.

Naturally, we synchronize with our loved ones, our colleagues, our environment to be connected and to function. Sometimes this synchronization with others cuts us off from ourselves, and our natural rythm.

Our breath, altered, can create:
. stress & anxiety
. confusing situations
. the lack of clarity
. a feeling of being cramped, overwhelmed and suffocating
. a weakening of our ability to hear our needs and therefore, to satisfy them.

(Re)discovering your own breathing allows you to:
. (re)create a space of comfort in oneself
. listen to their needs and be able to meet them
. restore discernment and make better decisions (more just for oneself)
. self-expression
. create your reality, aware of what I want to live, more freely

-> During the session, we practice exercises of
* thoracic & abdominal breathing,
* "release of the negative, conscious and unconscious tensions"
* visualization

We deepen our connection to our body, to our sensations...
We create relaxation in the body, which creates relaxation in the mind,
This leaves room to creativity, concentration, creating what you want.

Hypno sophrology is one of the main tools i use to guide you through the sessions.

Cost per session
40 euros 
700 pesos Mxn