Tarot Therapies Testimonies

" Deeply Thankful for the Tarot Reading. Sarah is so connected and powerful. Her visions and words are so accurate. I Highly recommend." 

Florence France

" We had an interesting tarot session. We dealt with deep internal conflict issues in my life. Sarah was very attentive to me and her inner feelings that accurately reflected what i felt. Her guidance helped me to understand how to approach these feelings without judgement and without resistance. The general feeling after the session was light and correct."

Tomer Israël

" This Tarot card reading has been very insightful for me. Sarah is knowledgeable, and has a lot of empathy She helped me formulate the right question and, thanks to the reading, i feel reassured in my decision making and see some of my challenges from a different perspective. I am very grateful for this experience !!! She is amazing , I definitely recommend her. 10/10"

Philipp Germany

" Thanks for the beautiful tarot session, it was a great time and you helped me a lot to understand things that were keeping my mind confused. You are a beautiful soul, thanks again and can't wait for the next session". 

Aneby Mexico

" It was my first time doing this kind of experience. You were so kind and polite with me, trying to understand everything and also explain everything. I really liked as a good experience so i would like to repeat someday in a deep way. Thank you so much Sarah." 

Martin Puerto Escondido

"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a tarot reading session with Sarah, and I must say, it was truly an extraordinary experience. Sarah is not only a talented card reader, but she also exudes a warm and lovely personality that instantly puts you at ease. Being a French person, she brings a touch of elegance and charm to the whole session.

From the moment I sat down with Sarah, I could feel the energy emanating from her. It was as if a current of positive vibes flowed through her body, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Her presence alone made the session feel special and sacred.

What impressed me the most about Sarah was her deep understanding of the psychological aspects behind the tarot. She didn't just interpret the cards in a superficial manner but delved into the underlying meanings and symbols, providing insightful and thought-provoking interpretations. Her psychological background truly added depth and richness to the reading.

Throughout the session, Sarah was not only a skilled reader but also a compassionate guide. She actively listened to my concerns and questions, offering guidance and support every step of the way. Her ability to connect with me on a personal level made the experience even more impactful and meaningful.

I left the session feeling enlightened, empowered, and grateful for Sarah's guidance. I eagerly look forward to our next meeting, knowing that she will continue to accompany me on this journey of self-discovery and growth. If you're seeking a tarot reading with a delightful French touch and a profound understanding of the human psyche, I highly recommend Sarah."

Jannick Hamburg, Germany

“My session with Sarah was eye opening with my insecurity and self sabotage with my career decisions. She lead me into a healthier way to understand those insecurities and overcome then for future decisions.”

Juan Colombia