Who Am I?

I am Sarah Vavasseur, a french brief therapy practioner.
I specialized in hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming and systemic therapies.

I have diversified my tools through Tarot and Quantum Energy.

And I am currently exploring the world vision, through the prism and perception of Mexican shamanic culture. 

What is important to me, is to give you tools to access to more confidence and personal power;
I'm willing to guide you to unravel knots, blockages, limitations,  and suffering situations, overcoming fears,  explore your own values, beliefs and deep desires,  so that you can create your ideal reality and enjoy life, with more serenity and joy.

I took most of my  Brief Therapies courses at the European Institute called PSYNAPSE.
° Master Practitioner in NLP & Ericksonian Hypnosis
° Systemic Therapy Practitioner: Conjugal & Family/Integrative
° Hypno Sophrology Practitioner
° Psychopathology

° Tarot reading

Currently in explorations and trainings in Mexico:
° Family Constellations
° Quantum energy